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In this Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers some pro Necrophos gameplay! This pro guide will teach you laning tips and tricks so you can dominate your lane and carry hard on ANY HERO. Use these pro lane tips to CS easier and WIN MORE games from laning phase!
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35 thoughts on “How to NEVER LOSE LANE: Pro Laning Tips to CS and WIN MORE – Necrophos Gameplay | Dota 2 Guide

  1. In this Dota 2 guide Speeed, covers how to dominate lane – sometimes by GIVING YOUR OWN LIFE to create space.

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  2. "we managed…..uh.. to get killed" hahaha that had me laughing.. but regardless of the laugh.. i am a huge fan and I almost viewed all your videos.. helpful af.. heart me senpai

  3. Too bad this doesn't work in low-mid level pub in sea. Everyone would just rotate over to "help" and leave other lanes free farming. That or your free farming lanes can't last hit and head to the jungle anyway. For dying and getting all the enemies to rotate, you'd also be flamed. Vice versa, if you stuck to a lane when space is created by others teamfighting, allies would flame. For the csing part, most players will not know when to aggro the creeps and just attempt to harrass, negating whatever setup you're doing. Mid is the only place that works, if there isn't another person already fighting for it.

  4. Great videos and really straight foward a classic example was when I had about 40% hp and pudge came to kill me but i was level 2 dazzle and had two creep waves with my core as well. So I baited him into chasing me and he committed. So I got that kill and two charges in urn

  5. At the end of the match that Phantom Assassin even said I kept her from farm all early bgame but the tusk blamed me for something else,I was just trying to build a Tank Underlord and keep Phantom from farming

  6. I did the same thing with an Underlord against Phantom Assassin,but my team kept raging at me and so I went to go teamfight and the Phantom Assassin got farmed and wrecked us.Tusk was so salty to me.

  7. Thanks speed for this guide offlane im doing agreeing their core then force to tp the almost 4 of them but they said to me stop feeding. Lmao so i reply by chat wheel spam "Space Created" haahahaha

  8. I love this a lot! I get discouraged when I don't get a kill in a lane. It makes me feel like I'm not really "winning" the lane like I should. Thank you for explaining this in such good detail!

  9. If I bored of ranked match, I used to pick coach challenge. Idk about the rule actually because I'm a 3.5k scrubs but literally coached a crusader-archon bracket. Anyway the thing is, players in that bracket still don't know about a mechanic called "creep aggro", they didn't pull the aggro into their range creep to get safer last hit. Instead, they wait for the last hit and when the enemy right clicked them, the allied creeps got pulled with the enemy creeps still aggroed to the allied creeps..

    Please, gameleap has two wonderful videos about that. Please search it, I know the video is quite long, but it's worth it. If you think that's not enough, many guide channel also has that. Enjoy my 3k cents

  10. I know this is unimportant. But why didn't you take the 1st skill instead for lv 1? For lvl 1, the regen item still freshly baked from the base, better choose what will help you in CS contest to get lv2 faster?

    Anyway, I think this is not practical to mid-low bracket. Sometimes people don't even pay attention to maps (especially the one who doesnt watch this kinda guide). We buy them space but they pull off themselves from the lane instead of pushing or something impactful. But, still excellent advice for both space buyer and the team of space buyer. Pls take the space created by your friends 🙂

  11. btw man , the networth lead that went down from 6k to 5k clearly because of bh's track, maybe u had to check xp diffrence at least sven and ta got like 2 camps + creepwave each maybe doom has farmed a camp , i know that u know all of this stuff and u kinda talked about in another way but not in a single formula ,
    why don't w'e evaluate the current lead by pushed lanes (as a big objective in the game) xp , networth, and mobility (ofc tp CD is a big factor) !, (war/de)warding.
    ty, greate content keep it up 🙂

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