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In this pro Dota 2 drafting guide, pro coach Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 best position 4 and 5 support heroes for scaling and/or carrying games in the late game! This meta guide will reveal how you can boost your gameplay and secure easy wins in the DRAFT by picking meta late game support heroes to keep up with the scaling of your enemies! Use these draft tips to add late game support picks to your heropool.
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45 thoughts on “How to SOLO CARRY vs a TRI-LANE: Timbersaw 1v3 LIVE COMMENTARY and Pro Tips | Dota 2 Offlane Guide

  1. heyo guys, just want to make sure you understand that everyone gets frustrated. Its all about how you handle it. If I'm alone and playing a pub I wont yell these things out loud. For the sake of the video I do. Remember, just don't say into the mic or type it!

  2. Now imagine you win your lane like this, but mid is Huskar. He tried to gank you, couldnt do it, and gave up. Storm died like 6 times and couldnt farm, Huskar denies Storm and makes a few more kills top. Suddenly he comes bot at like 15 – 17 min and just evaporates you.

  3. I actually got harder games in legend bracket then this one , and i think the title is a litle bit of a click bait bc that lane was never a true trilane

  4. Feel like the gym and com on score screen would of helped show ur teams farming mistakes .
    Great videos tho really help keep up good work I'll share as much of ur profile as I can

  5. "My team doesn't even need me any more." A few moments later: "Let's goooooooo, people say they can't carry their games? Just carry your games guys."

  6. lol he goes for shiva instead of assault.they have specter in their team they dont have enough damage for towers to destroy them fast enough.he goes lotus orb for no reason.not as first item not even for late game.and he always judge people for items.but I still subscribe u for other reaons

  7. as an high bracket offlaner, i'm very grateful for this video. i know its a smurf but i got the point you want to explain. and for ppl who flame him for smurfing, just accept it dude. you can still follow his guide, bcs i'm sure your rank is as same as his enemy and now you can stomp them just like what he did

  8. If the two supports were good and baby-sitted TB. You'd still only have boots up to 10 min. mark of time. Just saying.

    I'm divine II btw.

  9. The minimap hero icons is very useful in game, my friend won't listen to me to used hero icons than just red/green icons. I mean seriously, this ain't Dota 1, it is useful so u know who shows up in the Minimap even for a split second.

  10. I actually love commentary videos like this, it gives so much insight through real time decision making. Keep up the good work man

  11. i stopped the video at min 4:00, you won the lane just because shaman and aa left it, if they were constantly harrasing you untill you went out of regen….it was gg…but smurfing…makes them scare somehow and leave the lane :))

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