I passed the final natural language processing project of the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree. In the NLP capstone I used deep learning to build an English to French translator.

The technologies used in this project are similar to those used in Google Translate (just on a much smaller scale).

My code for the project – bit.ly/MachineTranslationProjectCode
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8 thoughts on “I Passed the NLP CAPSTONE of the Udacity AI Nanodegree! | Learning Intelligence 26

  1. Thank u Sir .. I had a query .. should i learn Python before taking the nanodegree and yes i have done NLP basic concepts from Jan on coursera which was just awesome … and will the nanodegree help thanku sir…

  2. Daniel Keep up !. Such a coincidence. I am heading in the same direction as you. Can you please say something about "Become a Machine Learning Engineer" Nanodegree from Udacity?. Thanks

  3. Hey Daniel do you ever think you'll be interested in robotics, like the hardware also? Building robots?

  4. Great work Daniel! I just completed the AIND computer vision capstone as well! Looking forward to your videos on the VUI capstone.

  5. I want to use AI to help patients and the needy by providing friendly faces.
    I am highly interested in Computer Vision and NLP. I would like to use AI to create intelligent systems with friendly faces and voice customised according to the user it is assigned to. This will mostly help the patients by way of companionship.

    What do you think about it?

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