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  1. Johanna Bonana

    Just in case you missed it

    "Dota 2 is a game that stressed heavily on microaggressing your opponents throughout various avenues of play and situations. This can stem as far back as character selection and team cohesion/composition. It is vital that Dota 2 players take advantage of not only counter picking against certain matchups, but also sealing down their own win condition and strategy for the match overall. When looking at qt and the gang's initial movements and play, they mistepped in so many directions that this game is almost irrepairable at this point in time. For one, they have close to no actual comprehension of how their characters work. This alongside the fact they do not understand the mechanics of crowd control and queueing up abilities will ultimately set them on the path of defeat. Also they just fucking suck"

  2. Ryo Tanada

    There is no brush, so people instead go invisible or hide in fog of war, buy detection like wards and stuff
    No recalls, but tp scrolls exist. It's like Teleport spell, but you need to buy with low price and lower CD. Sometimes, however, it's wise to kill yourself with the tower instead of walking back not to waste a tp
    Junglers are non existent, but there is a support role dedicated to roam around the map, looking for potential kill securing and aid, jungle neutrals are merely a way to earn some small extra gold or exp.
    CS is everything, but you can also kill your own creeps by force attacking them, and in some cases you can also do that to your Allies to deny gold and exp for the enemy.
    Ensure couriers are bought, and try to memorize times for bounty runes and locations of shops outside base and what they sell.

  3. R Cortez

    Actually, i feel bad for a new person that wants to play this game until it becomes a decent player. Becoming a decent player on this game starting from the begining is fucking hard. They have no idea how wide and big dota 2 is until they all know how to play all the heroes. I'd say dota is the hardest game to ever learn for a new person

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