Your mission for today is to take part in a hurricane game on Paramount Pictures’ new movie “Mission Impossible 3”.
You will be thrown into the very epicenter of breathtaking actions of this new film. Managing super-agent Ethan Hunt, you will meet with the most dangerous terrorist Owen Devian and his numerous soldiers. These people do not know the danger and will not stop at anything for the sake of their heinous purpose.
10 levels of the game will guide you through the most culminating episodes of “Mission Impossible 3” in full accordance with the story line, the original atmosphere and atmosphere. You are waiting for an intense action and nerves, strained to the limit. Enemies attack you from all sides, and you will not have a chance to rest for at least a minute. To help in the performance of an impossible mission, you will receive a variety of weapons (shock and conventional pistols, a semi-automatic rifle MP-5, a missile and much more) and techniques of deadly melee combat. In times of stress, a slow-motion effect is applied to create a special impression.
Be careful – everything around is destroyed by explosions, and at every step you are waiting for deadly traps (stretch marks and lasers). Some missions you will have to do without using the main weapon to not raise the alarm. And that is not all! You can unlock three additional mini-games.
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