Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN’s World Food Program, talks about why, in a world with enough food for everyone, people still go hungry, still die of starvation, still use food as a weapon of war. Her vision: “Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together.”

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33 thoughts on “Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now

  1. that is very true i am not lying she is the best aunt ever fyi she is my aunt i love her she is the best and she as the kindest heart she cares about people that she does not know

  2. Félicitation for josette sheeran good woman in the world for the economie and programme food i am respect you job peace too josette and familly

  3. I think it would be helpful too if we could bring the permaculture technology to impoverished countries so they can independently rebuild their food production systems and also improve sustainability.

  4. Name calling distracts from intelligent conversation. Science is not biased like people are. When done properly, there are experiments that work and those that don't. A society guided by the principals of science with the aim of improving quality of life and environmental sustainability could potentially achieve great things.

  5. A sustainable future is possible using science, technology, innovation, and collaboration. Food can be grown indoors with the use of hydroponics, and solar panels can provide much needed electricity for the world. I believe that a resource based economic model is definitely possible when money is taken out of the equation. Everyone would want to support that system which supports them, like a family. Crime, hunger, poverty, and inequality, would disappear. Also see the omega garden website.

  6. I'm constantly amazed at how some people just end up childishly insulting each other when leaving a comment on Youtube rather than say something insightful or relevant to the topic.

  7. @IHighLikePlane 1. Even if it were true, how do you distinguish between good inventor and bad one and who gets the resources?
    2. LOL so 7 billion people gets to vote on how every single resource is used?
    3. Must be. Then name that robot/machine that can wait tables and build bridges.
    4. Nope. Higher demand means higher supply. More economic illiteracy.
    Lmao a zeitard conspiracy nut talking about indoctrination. Ironic.
    Btw what if I rape or kill someone in your society without laws?

  8. @IHighLikePlane 1. And why did engineers built it? It's called profit motive. That's what drives technology. That's why your iphone 4 is cheaper and better than iphone 1.
    2. Nope they wouldn't be wage slaves but we would all be slaves to the central planner.
    3. Machines/robots can't even walk up a flight of stairs let alone build bridges #FAIL
    4. Is there more food and shelter than 100 years ago? Then price system favors abundance, central planning doesn't.
    Try again.

  9. @IHighLikePlane Yeah much rather have free for all than another failed centrally planned economy b/c some moron saw a bullshit yt video LOL
    And hydro sky scrapers are possible and 7 bn can live without ever working again? Why? B/c some moron who never built shit in his life told you so in a yt video? Sure you gullible fuck.
    And price and profit measures scarcity. And which economics system? Singapore, Hong Kong etc seems to be doing just fine. Like I said economic illiterate. Shut the fuck up.

  10. @IHighLikePlane Lmao Zeitard. Get lost. Economic illiterates shouldn't comment about….you know economics. "Hydroponic sky scrapers" aren't going to pop out of thin air. They will require resources and man-power.

  11. WTF people?!
    ending the world hunger by feeding everyone is the stupidest idea ever; it would eventually lead to a further increase in population of the "suffering" hungry nations resulting only in an even more horrendous relapse.
    the problem of people starving isn't the lack of food but the existence of too many people to feed. some regions of the planet aren't capable to sustain human life effectively.
    if you want to help them send condoms, NOT food

  12. @IHighLikePlane The issues don't lie in production of food but access. Increasing access encourages the development of microeconomic systems and educated workforces. Contrary to what you're saying, economic forces are ultimately what will eradicate poverty because it is, in fact, profitable to have a well-fed populace. All that is needed is the right initiatives and incentives from world leaders as alluded to at the end of the talk. Not some sort of Zeitgeist-esque utopian scheme.

  13. i also want to buy this "wawa mum", so that my brain has everything it needs, because i don't feel that my diet modern processed food can give my brain everything it needs.

  14. @IHighLikePlane
    1. You cannot guarantee personal interaction, or competency with using the internet, and therefore, cannot assume that anyone can get an education straight from the internet.
    2. Nothing is free, and never will it be. You have to put in effort to get anything out. All the way back to hunting and gathering.
    3. You should pay for the work that someone else did in getting it to you. Real money isn't Federal Reserve notes. I agree that a power scheme controls those.

  15. @ooshitube Yeah, fuck starving people. They deserve to die for allowing themselves to get screwed by governments and the powerful. If lots of people are out of work in the US soon we should just let them die in the streets too cuz poor people arent real people

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