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1) Hot Girl in Sexy Red Dress Hypnotizes Men
2) Hot Girl Steals Wallet
3) Jurassic Park Prank !
4) The JFL Pie Wars!
5) Underwater Farting Prank
6) Hot Girl Sprained Ankle Prank
7) Paramedics Only Help Pretty Girls
8) Sexy Boobs Photo Prank
9) Hot Girl Car Destruction
10) Hot Cheerleaders Prank
11) Mysteriously Vanished People
12) Stealing Customers’ Grocery Bags Prank!
13) Hot Girls Prank
14) Live Frogs For Dinner
15) Car Drives Itself – Throwback Thursday
17) Famous Movie Star Prank!
18) Hot Bikini Girl Disappears Under Umbrella
19) Hot Girl Mouth to Mouth Prank
20) Sexy Girl Eating Like a Pig Prank
21) Dog Goes After Hot Dog Man Prank
22) Exploding iPhone Prank
23) Cop Turns Into Instant Bullfighter !
25) Kid Leash Prank
26) Kids Skip Rope With Electric Cables Prank!
27) Sexy Brunette’s Shirt Gets Splattered
28) Sexy Ass Grabbing Robot Prank
29) Blind Man Lost Phone
30) Hot Girls Kissing Strangers
31) Puppy Attack !


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23 thoughts on “Just For Laughs – Nadja David – 31 Funniest Pranks

  1. Always great for a laugh. With all the BS going on in the world, it's nice to just sit down for a laugh sometimes.

  2. Laws of nature: 1) Men will ALWAYS fall for beautiful women. this will never change. 2) Women will still try to change that, but it won't work b/c of law #1

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