21 thoughts on “Kẻ Cắp Trái Tim Heartbreakers 2001

  1. much as the ending's funny – HOW exactly are Max & Dean gonna get Max's money back? Dean will marry Barbara then get her to cheat on some younger guy? she's sure to see this coming a mile away cause she's the one who taught Max that trick in the first place

  2. I still to this day think she is gorgeous. Jennifer "Big Boobs" Hewitt will always be an iconic actress. Sure not all of her films are great but I think she was typecasted a fair bit

  3. Movie of my life wow. But my mother's marriages all ended with a happy one, after 6 husbands she found her soul mate. Love you mommy😗. I wish Sigourney found someone else than that "mook" Dean. Lol

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