41 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead 2 Versus Mode Blood Harvest

  1. 40:15 Tragedy began. Never try to overrun a healthy survivor with a tank. That's a waste of energy & nice way to be a flesh shield taking more bullets & damage.
    Plus, I really hate kicking people for a single mistake made (vital or not) — after watching few videos on this channel, I find this a common practice in all the opponent teams. Sometimes, it's understandable to commit those silly mistakes, given the circumstances, let alone the factor of silly teammates who may contribute to the mistake.

  2. You think it be an easy fight against someone that's low health and at last stand… then you remember it's Louis you're facing… poor Tank…

  3. 12:47

    All survivors in the safe room, Louis (unnecessary) closed the door, all 4 save, but Louis (unnecessary) opened the door, and then Charger (Enemy Player) seeing Bill (Khomchik), and then he said "F*cking doors!!!". Hahahaha, what the heck?!

  4. hey nice play through man, but fast forward today, the players on left 4 dad are so salty they kick you out before they help you, everybody is expected to be a pro even if you're now starting out.

  5. I like how you’re throwing a fit because someone closed a door on you when there were other survivors behind you.

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