Liquid vs Secret MDL Disneyland Final Paris Major 2019 Highlights Dota 2 DPC MDL Disney Major Final Playoff #MDLDisney ➜ Watch Live: ➜ Twitter: ➜ FB:
► Commentary by @ODPixel & @Foggeddota ◄ 💟 Subscribe for more: ➜ ▼ 12.05.2019 [Full Highlights – Part 1] Bo5 – Grand Final Playoff
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Team Liquid Dota 2: Miracle-, MATUMBAMAN, MinD_ContRoL, KuroKy, GH.
Team Secret Dota 2: Nisha, MidOne, Zai, Puppey, YapzOr.
Tournament – The Paris Major Disney 2019 Disneyland Major Dota 2 Highlights DPC – Playoff Main Event
Group A: Virtus.Pro VP, Team Liquid, Keen Gaming KG, BS beastcoast.
Group B: Team Secret, Team Empire, Ninjas in Pyjamas NiP, Chaos Esports Club.
Group C: Vici Gaming VG, paiN Gaming, PSG.LGD LGD Dota 2, Mineski Mski.
Group D: Evil Geniuses EG, coL compLexity Gaming, Fnatic, OG Dota 2.
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28 thoughts on “Liquid vs Secret Grand Final MDL Disneyland Paris Major 2019 Highlights Dota 2 – [Part 1]

  1. 🔵 Part 2:

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    Beginning of Games:

    Game 1: 00:00, Game 2: 12:09, Games 3-5:

  2. Mind Control hats off you damn really mind control amazing play out there (Dark Seeker)
    i feel bad for MIdone hahahahahahahahaaaaaa
    Game 1 super insane for Liqued , shows how confident they are that with dark seeker and Morph we can kill you all 5 Secret hahaha amazing Liqued best team ever.

  3. Not that this was the only reason they lost Game 2 – but why not have one more big ranged core with that drow buff, like their morph in Game 1? Feel like Miracle needed to go ranged not Jugg there.

  4. Last game. Kuro was out drafted by puppey. AM and SNIPER. AM needs item to fight. It needs more time to fight unlike sven etc. And sniper cannot fight on early game too. Am and sniper was too greedy + an enigma which is totally give the offlane to jungle. Kuro was so out drafted GEGE

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