Disguised Toast pops off with a TFT back to back winning streak that might just be the longest one in the young history of Teamfight Tactics. On top of it Toast reaches a huge milestone of 1,000,000 followers on Twitch. Enjoy some more League of Legends TFT Gameplay!
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23 thoughts on “Longest TFT WINSTREAK?! | 1 Million Followers on Twitch! | Teamfight Tactics | League Auto Chess

  1. so we just gonna ignore the fact that he rolled past the sejuani @ 1:54:50 ….

    n please stop like picking your nose god damn. like if i had a dollar for the frequency of times you touch your nose.. like, are you good??
    go wash your hands.

  2. You should make a video where you cant choose anyone in any carusell, you cant reroll and you need to complete items as soon as you get them no matter what they turn into. Good luck getting first place

  3. Feelsbadman I won all the way until this one guy got double Winsoos on vayne 3 and I couldn't beat him. I was so sad.

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