40 thoughts on “Longplay: Mission Impossible (PS1)

  1. As a Latin Child it was more hard cause i dont understand a shit XD, but games makes me learn english, im glad for that , Btw never pass for the 3rd stage XD

  2. This seems like it's way better executed than the N64 version. What the hell is this aspect ratio and resolution though? And where's the awesome song in level 2?

  3. A very underrated game that people forgot about I even remember back in the 90s kids were not interested in it because it wasn't "fun enough"

  4. I played both the N64 and PS1 versions. The N64 was definetly my favorite version but I do like how they incorporated voices and better rendered videos in this version. I also like the N64 music a bit more for the mood. However the PS1 music has more of an action kick to it.

    Well done run. I just see a few things missing that I would like to add. In the third to last level, The gas injector kills all the guards in the guard house. In the fifth level, If you use the face-maker on the head of security and then go in the hidden security room, the guards will salute you. I am not sure but it looks like the PS1 version as auto aim when firing without aiming. I noticed it when your firing the mini rocket launcher on top of the train. On the N64 it only fires straight. However grated that the N64 had better controls I can understand that. The second to last mission where you have to place the plastic explosives on the electric panel. You should read the electric diagram and it will tell you which color cuts off what instead of guessing. On impossible difficulty It's randomized. On the Rooftop level, after you cut off the helicopter lights, if you continue down where you came from, you see the rest of the level including fighting off the remaining guards and getting more ammo. On that same level you can shoot the fire extinguisher at the guard with the key card near the stairway of the helicopter pad to see a coughing animation before he dies. Great job on the security laser room. That definitely looked very tricky to pull off especially the double yellow lasers gap. In that room, If you time the activation of the door with the guard coming back you can hear the guard banging on the door. In the interrogation level you can find an empty gun that you can use to threaten the sergeant with to get you access to the elevator. He will not shoot at you. the In the embassy level, if you dress up as the ambassador first before killing the murder, you can talk to her and tell her that he is in the restroom. Then you can follow her to the restroom. As you walk, Ethan will look around to avoid suspicion. Other than that, the run was really well done. I got the most out of watching this run.

  5. Wow if you can get over the awful voice acting the PS1 blows away the n64 version. I still prefer the n64 version though because that's the game I grew up playing but I am definitely impressed.

  6. Man I was horrible at this game lol. I beat it on impossable I think though because I remember the sniping part… 20 years later I remember that part…

  7. Same year as Metal Gear Solid was released. Too bad, it didn’t become as successful as that game.

    Still, I’d love to see a rivalry between Solid Snake and Ethan Hunt.

    Snake: “Colonel, there’s some wise-ass who’s in the way of the mission.”

    Campbell: “That’s Ethan Hunt, Snake. He’s an IMF agent.”

    Snake: “IMF?”
    Colonel: “Impossible Mission Force, filled with highly trained operatives and they desire a world without terrorist threat.”

    Snake: “This Ethan guy looks familiar. Looks something out of some 80s film.”

    Naomi: “Unlike you, Snake, Hunt doesn’t seem to adopt any nanomachines. He’s a pure human spy. Still, he’s a skilled martial artist. If I were you, I’d work with him.”

    Snake: “Ugh…Alright. I’ll make sure he doesn’t come up with any tricks.”

    Naomi: “Oh! And Snake…
    Snake: “What is it?”
    Naomi: “What do you mean Ethan looks someone out from some 80s movie?”

    Snake: “Hmm…I dunno. I’m probably just imagining things.”

  8. Graphically, it seems a little better then the N64 version. The music contains Red Book Audio as opposed to the MIDI format that the N64 used, which should, in a way, beefs it up to make the music broader, but I hate how the music is constantly interrupted for the voice dialogue. It I think it would have been better if they would have substituted the dialogue for the text like they did for the N64 version.

  9. This game must have one of the worse voice acting in history especially the main guy, why couldent they just get Tom cruise lol

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