Longplay of Mission: Impossible, played on the NTSC Nintendo 64. This game’s version was released on Aug. 14th, 1998. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:30 – Opening
0:03:24 – Ice Hit: Lundkwist Base
0:06:09 – Ice Hit: Subpen
0:12:05 – Recover NOC List: Embassy Function
0:20:37 – Recover NOC List: Warehouse
0:23:33 – Recover NOC List: KGB H.Q.
0:29:20 – Recover NOC List: Sewage Control
0:40:25 – Recover NOC List: Escape
0:44:04 – CIA Escape: Interrogation
0:51:14 – CIA Escape: CIA Rooftop
1:00:02 – CIA Escape: Terminal Room
1:02:49 – CIA Escape: Rooftop Escape
1:06:28 – Mole Hunt: Station
1:12:02 – Mole Hunt: Train Car
1:16:55 – Mole Hunt: Train Roof
1:27:40 – Ice Storm: Subpen
1:36:40 – Ice Storm: Tunnel
1:41:32 – Ice Storm: Mainland
1:51:52 – Ice Storm: Gunboat
1:55:40 – Ending
1:56:46 – Credits
1:57:55 – Bonus credits

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10 thoughts on “Longplay of Mission: Impossible

  1. This is completed on the standard "Possible" difficulty. The impossible difficulty features some extra objectives in a few levels. One of them is having to collect items by destroying the boxes in the warehouse level. These objectives aren't interesting, nor do I want to bother with having less health making this game frustratingly difficult. — I made sure to showcase the characters at the start of each chapter, as their info can be quite humerous and there's progressive change in that. The timecodes only show the beginning of each level, however. Make sure to watch some of the cutscenes as they can be pretty funny.

  2. Your mission LPA should you choose to accept it is to make a playthrough of the game at possible difficulty

    As always should you or any of your YouTube Force being caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your action.
    This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds.
    Good luck LPA

  3. I always had a softspot for this game, don't ask me why. This game had lots of variety, the non-action segments are actually pretty fun and the soundtrack is really great.
    Just the majority of the shooter missions are just sooo clunky and unenjoyable. The warehouse and sewage control especially are just horrible to play through.
    It's also funny how this is one of a few N64 games with full german voice acting I know of.

  4. I like Operation Surma on the GameCube more. Both games were trying to be Metal Gear Solid but on other platforms though. Underated games these Mission Impossible games

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