We check out the latest One Key Bluetooth Fuel Impact wrench from Milwaukee Tool. 2759 and 2759B
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28 thoughts on “Milwaukee M18 One Key 2759-22 Compact Impact Wrench

  1. One key is a stupid idea. What contractor is going to get out his laptop to mess around with the tool settings.

    Useless stupid idea from Milwaukee

  2. I own the 1/4"version with friction ring and love it. I use it for everything and for the size, has a lot of power!

  3. Just picked up the One-Key impact wrench based on your feedback and it seems like a good tool so far, but I have a question. In the One-Key app, you can adjust the torque settings. The problem is instead of listing out exactly what the torque is, the app uses "Level 0" through "Level 10". Does you know how that translates into actual torque measurements? It seems like it would be much easier if the app just used real torque numbers instead of levels.

  4. Thanks for all the great videos! I am planning on buying my first impact wrench in the next month. What style should I buy, friction ring or pin detent? If it helps, I plan to use the tool in my home remodeling business.

  5. Does it allow you to set the torque needed independently? Say I need 150lb.tq. can I set that or is it just kinda of a general power setting, nothing specific?

  6. so on the torque setting is it just a level you can customize? I was hoping you could set the max torque to a number value e.g. 110 lbs ft. the level doesn't do me any good if I don't know the actual torque

  7. The one key is a really great feature for manufacturing or other repetitive tasks, but for the average homeowner like me, it seems to be of no significant value. Milwaukee does seem to be offering a one key version and the generation 2 fuel stuff independently, so we can pick the one we want. It is the best of both worlds!

  8. How about "ONE-KEY" because it unlocks the digital job site? Read the box haha. This is the future and Milwaukee is leading the charge! The competition isn't even close and I will tell you bluetooth batteries from Dewalt are just stupid, thats what i gotta say about that Eric.

  9. I love how small this is for 220ft/lbs, would come in handy for suspension bolts, too bad I'm already all setup on the dewalt 20v.

  10. I have been asking for the question but seem no one can answer it. Suppose I have Honda accord and I have the flat tire in the middle of the road. Suppose I have milwaukee 2759B-22 on my car to remove the flat tire and put in the backup tire. Remove tire will be no problem because you know the max torque 220ft-lb. After I put in the backup tire and need to tight the tire with the specific for each wheel nut bolt is 80ft-lb of torque. As you look at the milwaukee app that you will see it has torque level 0 to level 10. You do not want to tight the wheel nut bolt with 220ft-lb of torque right, you need to tight the wheel nut bolt to 80ft-lb of torque. How you do it??? Which torque level do I need to set up? I ask milwaukee the question about 1 year ago, they said right now the technology is not there yet. I do not want to carry with impact wrench and hand torque wrench at the same time. As you see costco tire team, they applied the impact wrench to tight the wheel nut bolt after that they used the hand torque wrench to tight the wheel nut bolt to specific manufacturer recommend specs. How do you accomplish this task using impact wrench only to get the manufacturer specs, but not need hand torque wrench at all and this is on the Christmas day when there is no car workshop open.

  11. Bluetooth tools? Waat..
    I didn't know they existed! Is this the future of tools?

    Awesome videos guys! Keep it up! Where can I get some TIA stickers? I want to put them in my garage/man cave & truck!

  12. Very cool. I could not justify the extra cost for myself, but I could see a pro using it. I still kinda want it though. #TIACREW

  13. Seems like I'm one of very few people that like Milwaukee's new One-key concept lol but I personally don't see the benefit of it for impact wrenches for my uses but I'm sure some people out there will find it very beneficial to have built in to their impact wrenches. I can definitely see the benefits of One Key for impact drivers on multiple different applications though. #tiacrew

  14. this is a great idea. Ill admit i dont have much use for it at this point, but its great to see so many more options that dewalts bluetooth batteries.

  15. I've got the high torque impact wrench for the beastly jobs, the 1/4 hex fuel and 1/4 ratchet for general fastening and removing, and I recently bought the 3/8 th one key for precise torque specs. Hopefully it won't disappoint. Hoping for a set it and forget it kind of tool.

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