The Legenedary Beasts mod adds 5 new bosses into the game! They all drop awesome weapons and are extremely challenging!
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The Legendary Beasts Mod adds 5 epic bosses into your world. Each one will spawn in its own unique structure and generate randomly in your world. This adds an awesome challenge with great reward, because they all drop a special weapon!


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44 thoughts on “Minecraft : LEGENDARY BEASTS (EPIC BOSSES AND WEAPONS) Mod Showcase

  1. 6 years, I was randomly searching for this mod and coincidentally watched it one day before it’s 6 year anniversary, I missed old Pat….. and old mods and reviews

  2. If you know what you r doing with these bosses and have kinda have good reflexes You will be beating these bosses easy Plus if kirito was doing this STAR BURST STREAM XD

  3. I remember when I was 11 and 12 when I started to get really into Minecraft. I also remember getting into watching YouTube around the same time (especially Minecraft). I remember how I used to idolize Youtubers like Stampy, Dan TDM, and Popular MMO`s. Its hard to believe that these were my favorite thing to view over 4 years ago. Seeing this again just fills me with nostalgia and memories of my middle school Minecraft days.

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