This is a playthrough of Mission Impossible for the Nintendo 64 on “Possible” difficulty with no deaths or mission failures. The uncompressed music (far better quality than the game) of composer Michael Pummell can be found at the link below. The Embassy piano and Train level (Mission 5, Level 1) songs are my personal favorites.

Uncompressed Soundtrack:


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50 thoughts on “Mission Impossible (N64): "Possible" Longplay

  1. This was recorded using the emulator Project 64, with the Glide64 plugin. This plugin is NOT ideal, as it darkens the game and cannot display certain textures correctly. GlideN64 works much better I've found after the fact. I used a GameCube controller to play. For a commentated Let's Play of this game, check out my playlist:

  2. When guys says ""it's a bad game"" i don't understand dat,
    lot of good ideas, and Hitman precursor ;).
    this is not perfect but it's a good fucking game

  3. damn my earliest memory is when i was 3-4 years old and watching my older brother play this game on n64, lowky did not expect to find any gameplay

  4. 1:31:00 I didn't know that was what it said lol. I couldn't read at the time I played this game, and just spoke to everyone to see what happens and boom the mission ended.

  5. This was one seriously ambitious title. I don't know if it's just nostalgia, but it seems like games today do more with less. Course, there are some amazing games like Hollow Knight that come out of indie circles. And Nintendo (always been a fan) does a great job too.

  6. Wooo este juego ase mucho tiempo no lo juego me gustó va Stan te por fin pode ver el final y genial me gustó mucho

  7. Thanks for sharing! Been a very long time. I used to hit people too after they died or were knocked out lol.

  8. 7:03 there was this thing i use to do. i would put like all the explosives on that escape boat. then run away, then blow it up.

    when u did that. the camera would zoom on ethans face liek they do for dialogue, ud get a repeating explosive sound, the game will freeze, and if u have the rumble pack insert it wont stop vibrating. youd have to reset the n64 though

    it was pretty funny

  9. How can anyone say the gaystation version has better graphics? This one looks so much smoother, better music, no cut off lines and no cheesy voice acting.

  10. This bring back so much memories I used to play this game. I still have my console and the game still till this day! It's been forever since I've touched it.

  11. Curiosity, what control scheme DO you use for this? Particularly for the analog stick – I haven't found a particularly smooth setup for that yet.

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