35 thoughts on “Mjollnir Sniper. PROTECT HIM | Amaz Auto Chess 66

  1. Can you explain how the ranking system works?
    If you win, you gain ranking and if you lose then you drop ranking.
    -said with a straight face.

  2. Why the fuck did he sell Drow instead of Mirana? Mirana has 2nd lowest dps (after disruptor) and the ability is poop.
    Drow was closer to 3* and proc'd undead (essentially 50% dmg increase).

  3. If he got DP as the tenth unit that would be op it would give the third warlock and 2 undead with 6 hunters… oh man so sad to not see. Not even like warlock is good with hunter but its so satisfying when one last unit helps connect 2 synergies. Kind of like techies when u go 6 goblins 4 mechs

  4. Selling Drow and losing Hunter 6 + Undead 2 at the sime time was NOT the best choice. You could have sold the Drow with the items, sold SF and put the Drow 2 in the bench in. Lost SO much damage in your team by selling Drow…

  5. Wow so nice tactics moves . I don't know how the gold or mana works . I far as I know, you always save your gold like 10,20,30,40,50…. if you win the match. You can gain more gold if I do it??

  6. ugh amaz baaaaaabyyyy just came back from a super nice game where i had SF 3 by round 25 and as i hit lv 8 i got techies aswell andddddd i had alot of OP items on alchemist this game was just soooo nice for youporn eh i mean youtube

  7. Like he had a second Drow which he could have put in instead of mirana(Or shadow fiend) and he just sold it.
    LIke he keeps on talking about how good armor and reduction is on his other videos, but just gets rid of it for other non optimal units.

  8. How did I not know sooner that you're Canadian, let alone live in Vancouver, BC. I'm a Poco boy, so we may one day see each other, as long as you get out of the house sometime.

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