*Spoiler warning*

Anime: Ashita no Nadja
Song: Love Story by Taylor Swift

Well, thanks to youtube the quality sucks. If you compare with my other videos the quality should match. But since Youtube’s last update it doesn’t. So PLEASE watch in high quality.
I tried to fit in as few subtitles as possible for your non-spoiling viewing pleasure.

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31 thoughts on “Nadja's Love Story AMV

  1. Why does she have to choose Fancis!? I was so frustrated the first time I've watched this anime. Like? WTFreak Nadja?

  2. Love Story is a beautiful song but it's also too generic and stereotypically teenage to fit an anime as mature and realistic as Ashita no Nadja. It very much undersells the depth of feeling in Nadja's love triangle.

  3. The first time I saw this video was 2009 and I still can not get enough, it brings me so many memories and those little girl dreams <3

    It's sooo frustrating that in the anime adaptation, Keith and Francis are two different persons (twins), while in the manga (the original comic) Keith doesn't exist and Francis is actually Black Rose. Nadja's decision didn't make sense to me at all when I watched the anime, because Keith was the obvious choice, and when she ended up picking Francis I was like… seriously??? But then I read the manga and everything made sense, lol. My question is, why on Earth did they have to make two different characters instead of keeping the original story with Francis as the Black Rose? ugh.

    Anyway, amazing video <3 I remember I used to watch this all the time when I was in middle school.

  5. This is a great Amv it really got me hooked thanks so much it really brings back memories of 4 years ago thanks a lot for still keeping the Amv on YouTube

  6. i really really loe th part that say: he kneels on the ground put out a ring and say: marry me juliet… and in this video was so awsome!!! i got gay really gay kyaaaaaaaaaa

  7. one word MِASTERPIECE , i have been looking for this anime for so long , could you please tell me where did you watch it

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