41 thoughts on “NES Longplay [244] Mission Impossible

  1. 49:16 You could have take that life bag from the other side by destroying those two boxes with a bomb from the other side.

  2. I remember buying this game on a whim as a kid….I never got really far at all. It was frustratingly hard. Just watched this run to see what the later levels looked like. I would have smashed this game into pieces had I continued playing.

  3. I had this game as a kid, and my father played it just enough to beat and never touched it again. I don't blame him. I hardly ever made it through the first level.

  4. The only one part which i was not able to solve very last game part which having dot game… rest as a child i can proudly say i solved all mystries and reached at very end of this game

  5. I just came to listen to these tunes. Maybe hard but was one of the best nes games I had as a kid. Could never get past the level with the conveyor belts and animate statues.

  6. A few days ago I've finally managed to beat the game after so many years! Words can't describe the happiness and satisfaction I felt, trust me – completing this game will make you feel like a god of gaming!

  7. here's a strange bit of history, I bought this game in 1996 brand new from a Walmart. I think it may have been reprinted just after the mission impossible movie came out or was announced because I remember that's why I bought it. Game had great music, graphics and control but was just was too hard for me at the time. I might give it another shot someday for bragging rights

  8. Had this game, but I never beat the last stage. Kept getting dropped into pit during the second part of the moving stage.

  9. I always felt like the designers from Hotline Miami straight up yanked the sprites from this game for a hasty palette swap.

  10. Agent Longplays you're mission, should you choose to except it, is to play Mission Impossible. This comment will self-distruct in 11:11:11, good luck.

  11. The fact that the game had no save option made it absolutely frustrating. I could never get past the two giant claws and would have to start from the beginning of the section over and over again. I even tried using one of those "Game Genie" things — still no luck. I even called the Nintendo Hint Line (which was one of those "900" pay-per-call numbers). All the CSR said was "That's why they call it Mission: Impossible".  I gave up on it and ended up putting the game cartridge under my car's rear tire and s-l-o-w-l-y backing over it. It felt absolutely wonderful. 🙂

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