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Here at the Milwaukee NPS17 event in June 2017 we get the opportunity to play with the tools yet to be released. One of the most exciting is the updated and redesigned Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact Wrench. Milwaukee is creating 1,400 ft-lbs of breakaway torque and 1,000 ft-lbs of fastening torque from the 18V cordless impact wrench.
In addition to the M18 High Torque redesign, a brand new tool is coming out of this as well. They have added to the High Torque with the Milwaukee One-Key feature to broaden the boundaries of the impact wrench. One of the key features with the One-Key app and the M18 Impact is that the user can configure a torque rating. Once the torque is dialed into the app, the user just needs to place the impact on the fastener and hold the finger on the trigger. When the One-Key featured M18 High Torque Impact reaches the desired torque, the tool stops the rotation of the fastener and tool.
This is an option for tire shops that would replace those torques sticks. The Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact model 2767 is set to release in September 2017. The One-Key featured brother of the 2767 is set to release later in the year, around November 2017. We’ll definitely be reviewing these and keeping you posted.

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45 thoughts on “New Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact Wrench – Model 2767

  1. I bought me one of these and I gotta say it's a game changer. The shop air compressor went down a day after I bought this and man did this impact come in on time.

  2. My first experience was great.➛>share4.photo/MImpactWrench?ξ53    Had a guy with an add a dually kit on his truck that we had to remove. Had a 4’ breaker and a guy standing on it, no dice. Put the Milwaukee I borrowed from my neighbor on it and it popped them loose in a second.

  3. So what is the model number for the one that you can set the torque number for it to torque it to that number.

  4. Yeah right! Remember which nut is tight at 1400 ft. lbs or even at 700 ft. lbs. There are no nut that is tight at that level of torque in any automobile.

  5. I don't know if this actually puts out 1400 lbs. But I've replaced my air tools working on e450 buses. Rips every bolt off without breaking a sweat.

  6. I think that the ingersoll rand impact wrench cordless 7152 is better because it has 1500 ft-b busting torque

  7. Those "torque meter" computer graphics that Milwaukee uses in their demonstrations are a bad joke. They are insulting their customers intelligence.

  8. I’m a fan of Milwaukee compared to other power tool manufacturers cause of their durability. I have used this impact tool and can say that it could not remove bolts use to retain the driveline on a 2015 Ford pickup truck. Only a breaker bar with a 4ft cheater extension could do it. Like this tool nonetheless, it makes the job so much easier.

  9. 1400lb is definitely a gimmick. No way does it have that much torque. Sorry Milwaukee, you're losing my interest. You're going the way of the cheap chinese tools and cheap electronics.

  10. I have it and it struggled to take off a lug nut at 800 lb. No way could I get it to bust loose anything much tighter than that.

  11. That Ad you post supports illegal immigration so I assume you support illegals in the USA? Maybe you should take your Ads off? Youtube will do everything to undermine you and your childrens future for George Soros.

  12. I hate to tell you that gun in NO WAY IS PRODUCING 1400 LBS FT OF FORCE, I would estimate at best is 600 lbs ft! Now you may say how could I possible know this from a Video?
    1 The square drive on the gun would break at 800 lbs FT OF torque.
    2. The large nut you loosen is not rusted on and has not been torque to said 1400 lbs FT of torque!
    4. I am a Master AUTO/DIESEL TECHNICIAN 40 YEARS WITH A Degree in Metalogy!
    The only think this gun has going for it is that it is bring a impact gun to a job were air cannot be used.But I am glad that someone did a video on this gun as I prove this to a Milwaukee REP IN Home Depot!LOL

  13. as of JULY 17th 2018 what's the BIGGEST and BEST Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact Wrench…. every picture on google has a different number ????

  14. Is this really 1400 ft lbs? Not ft inch? That's like 400 pounds per meter/3 foot… How can a person holding this stand these forces??

  15. so I just bought the half inch friction anvil, 2767. comes with a charger and 2 5.0 batteries, does it only have the 1000 crank, and 1400 bolt busting with the 9.0 batteries or the 5.0 also?

  16. America made tools is like this people…Whenever it says it put out this amount of foot pounds its always and actually puts out alot more by manufacturer standards also it is the same way with stereo equipment if it made in america its always going to put out more than what the specs say this is true for all amercan made product, but not for products that is made from overseas which always say they put out this much which in FACT they DO NOT put out nearly what thete specs says that go for speakers amps impacts etc. I experienced several items and found it to be true. I hope this will help you to decide in what to buy next time you spend your hard earn money!!
    Ps. If its made overseas just make sure its a american manufacturer who made it after all somebody got to assemble the product..CHEERS!!

  17. Everyone I know calls these Impact Guns, manufactures call them Impact Wrenches. Look's more like a gun than a wrench to me.

  18. Milwaukee fuel 2763 impact is one of the coldest M/F guns that ever hit this side of naked bounds…….should be outlawed & illegal to own it………that's how bad ass this gun is….because a impact gun in red & black can be your scariest nightmare…….

  19. Does somebody knows who makes those large impact sockets for 1/2 drive? The largest I've found are 1 1/2 and on the video is 1 7/8 unless they are using an 3/4 drive impact wrench which was not mentioned in the video. Thanks!!!

  20. That doesn't show me anything. Go out on the street and find a old semi truck trailer and the take those lugs off

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