38 thoughts on “Nightstalker AND Mirana NERFS! Patch 7.22h Notes & Meta

  1. pls add the cooldown of windranger windrun it so fucking annoyying and broken though , i got like about 50 kill which the most kill among other heroes that i had played in dota 2 because she is too easy to play. FUCKING WR

  2. Don't know Donnie, things add up. Ofc NS will continue to see pick, but it is a lot of minor nerfs. Plus he also builds phase and medalion some times

  3. Mirana is my best hero with over 500 games and has either been incredibly broken or complete dogshit for the longest time. With that being said ( ;D ) I feel like the nerf on her leap is justified whereas the projectile speed… not so much. It doesn't seem like much at first glance but it's definitely felt once you try it out, and it'll hurt her late game where almost every hero has high MS.
    Still playable though, Mirana pos 4 all the way!

  4. I think the WR nerf is actually just an attempt to get players to take the other level 10 talent which ice frog thinks is better.

  5. I like the amout of updates the game gets, but im totaly mad the gamr is been balanced and nurfed mostly to fit pro players tournaments, so we the fand shoud be priority and pro"s shoud be after us, after all we the fans are supporting the game with buying itema and other things, if not us playing the game for 12 or more years who else made the game so famos

  6. WR not getting picked a ton? Guess your'e only speaking for the divine and bracket above.
    WR is a freaking cancer in the lower tiers

  7. Out of heroes with higher than minimal pickrate, WR was top winrate mid hero in dotabuff, also she can play any role atm. with 54%+ winrate, so she is a safe early pick that gives nothing away and is an absolute pain to deal with due to her evasion, mobility, tower pressure, solo gank potential, free invisibility, long lasting 2 target stun, flash farm potential and highest single target dps in game with ulti

    With her rework, she isn't as item dependant as she used to be, and the fact that aghs blessing is now available, makes her super-endgame a lot better. Also, she can never lose mid against any hero, since she out distances everyone with her AoE nuke that gives vision, so at even worst case scenario, she can just long range nuke waves and easily escape any ganks early game

  8. I think Icefrog is trying to make playing carry so cancer that people don't even wanna pick 5 man core lineups in pubs anymore

  9. Really? They missed out the NS silence nerf. I went out to buy groceries and come back home and that silence was still on fuck

  10. These arent nerfs. Just minor tweaks to tide us over until the two new hero patch. Every hero is still just as good. I don’t understand these nerfs. It just seems like valve wanted to keep to community trustful until the new patch

  11. what makes NS good is Crippling Fear. The duration nerf is ok but the problem with it actually is the aoe size. A nerf to that would reck it. Basically at night NS can solokill any hero he gets on top because you simply cant get away unless u have a forcestaff.
    The WR nerf is stupid since the hero is really not meta since forever. You get some plays but meh.
    Tiny needs more nerf. Void needs hell lot of nerfs…and Lion.

    Lion can win any damn line and is also very good even in late. The hero is OP since forever and is present in 90% of pubs. Build Ags, Build Dagger, jump in teamfight and Finger the hole enemy team. You will probably die but your team will clean up since the foes have like 25% life left. Kamikaze Lion strat. memes ftw.

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