OG vs LGD game 4 – Invoker 200% SUNSTRIKE – GRAND FINALS – Ti8 Dota 2 Highlights
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The International 2018 is the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit and the eighth annual edition of The International. The tournament will be held on Canadian soil for the first time, as it moves to the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.
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47 thoughts on “OG vs LGD game 4 – Invoker 200% SUNSTRIKE – GRAND FINALS – Ti8 Dota 2 Highlights

  1. I wish i didn't skip ti8 and went. this is probably the best final ever. heart was pounding watching games 4 and 5 wonder how it felt to be there

  2. invoker couldn't do much thus game. Early deaths and in mid cannot do damage. It was pl and axe, plz. And so many snowball saves!

    You know why LGD loses? Because pl is imba this version and morph ulted as PL during too much level up, losing attributes and it is a bug. Fixed after this game. But LGD lost the chance. They played well. BS perfect. But maybe a battle fury for ilusions or some hex or orchid for PL. It is insane his talent of ilusiones per 4 secs.

  3. Wht a game fight after fight buy back vs buy back wht a intense game..but i dont really mind who gonna win becouse my team already lose in third place..no luck..hihi gg wp og vs psg lgd..

  4. 21:13 I thought OG will buyback and finish the game here. 😂 all of them have buybacks tho

  5. For those who ask why ana is so composed, he plays in AUS. Lag is great and the SEA trashtalks are even greater.

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