31 thoughts on “Oracle in Epic Chinese 8000 MMR Dota 2

  1. he havent use oracle to its max potentials… by the way im a master tier level oracle just type ZERO DEATH ORACLE at youtube

  2. This guy made way too many mistakes for me to believe this is an "8k MMR match". If this is true, this is one of the worst 4k+ Oracles I have ever seen. Almost every one of his kills was a KS which is if anything bad to do on a hard support, he let multiple people get away with Purifying Flames heal that his team-mates were lucky to catch and apparently he doesn't understand how False Promise works because he nearly gets himself killed when he could have clearly avoided it multiple times. When you are your carry are both in a near death situation, a FP + Urn on them is much more important than you. Unless this guy was trying to go "carry Oracle" which is very stupid considering how hard your spell based damage falls off late game, I would say these were not good plays at all. Oracle is a strong early game hero and a strong utility hero that does great in position 5 due to his strong spell based damage early game and utility that is useful all game long. In 6k+ MMR it is all about maximum efficiency everywhere and apparently he doesn't understand a properly timed / positioned FE into PE is way better than going for a PE into a 2.5+ second cast time of a FE.

  3. как можно смотреть реплеи ?? там ничего глазами не успеваешь уловить действия..

  4. Crazy ganker PA goes armlet + MoM + S&Y then builds into a refresher??? Wtf is this meta??? WTF IS A REFRESHER ON PA… but people say it's good in the comments so whatever. I feel like he definitely could've carried harder if he farmed, didn't he get as many deaths as kills? I guess rice farmers don't belong in the meta. And brood has dagon lmfao it made me laugh seeing it go off out of nowhere

  5. Очередное наебалово, чтобы все смотрели. Ставьте дизлайк за враньё.

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