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In this pro Dota 2 gameplay update guide, pro coach Speeed covers the BIGGEST buffs, nerfs and reworks of patch 7.22f, including the Outworld Devourer (OD) nerfs and the Tinker buffs! Get set for TI9 by expanding your knowledge of the meta this patch! Use the heroes who were buffed the most to win more games and rank up!
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28 thoughts on “Patch 7.22F TINKER BUFFS – TI9 Gameplay Update – OUTWORLD DEVOURER NERFED | Dota 2 Meta Guide

  1. In this patch guide, Speeed covers the 7.22f gameplay update and talks how this might impact TI9! What BEEFY changes do you reckon we're underestimating?!

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  2. Od changes makes no sense iam a od player and i can tell you that 2 second is really nothing and for his ulti new manacost :you will never have less mana on od anyway

  3. The Storm bot gonna get that tinker todat? No!because I'm gonna get him my enemy the honorable T tinker should go right to fuckin' base that son of a bitch is broken!he is broken he is broken

  4. Am I the only one who think dota is a lame game nowadays? I mean, it used to be good few years back, but with those updates every now and then and interface changes, it sucks because players need to adjust with dem updates more often. And I think they are running out of ideas and names for in-game items.

  5. Why tf does ember get a 5 second root that does damage but slarks root gets gutted over time? Icefraud plz fix ember talented root, not his armor

  6. The reason tb scepter is bad is because it's a massive cool down spell that makes them run away when the whole reason of that spell is for him to him them. He cant do that if they're legging it away from him. It could be good with like mars ulti, but on it's own it's actually really bad.

  7. Fuck tinker I hate that hero, tbh I hate every stupid hero that spammers abuse in solo rank based around how they require greater teamwork to shut down as those heroes will always have an advantage in that sense of solo que because you will never know from game to game how well your team will work together.

    eg. Arc Warden, Meepo, Naga and Tinker etc.

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