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29 thoughts on “Permanent Stun Max Attack Speed Slardar 100% Bash | Dota 2 Silly Builds

  1. What the fuck does this shit mean "sea player, toxic sea player" ..? Can anyone explain it to me, why youre saying this? On what purpose?

  2. Stup*d item. Use condom so you will not multiply!

    The skills of an item will work only as one item. Example: 6 dagons when use only 1 dagon will work. 6 moon shards only 1 moon shard will work. 6 blade mails only 1 blade mail work. 6 refresher orbs only 1 refresher orb will work. Read the forums dumb ass.

    The damage, strength, agi and int increase of an items are stats.

    6 Deadulus does NOT increase the critical chance of the item. The critical chance of 6 deadulus is just 1 deadulus. The damage in the other hand will increase because damage, str, agi and int are phyiscal stats.

    As I review the game this players play like below 1k mmr. WTF

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