Hi 🙂 In this video i will show you the basic steps how to install or add CPK file for PTE Patch 3.1 or 3.0 (same method) for the PES 2017, by using the DpFileList Generator 1.8 DLC V 2 By Baris. As an example i will show how to add the MLS and Japanese League to your PES 2017. Please follow this video very very carefully in order to add CPK file for PES 2017 and PTE Patch correctly, and avoid any errors that can ruin your game or your patch ! All links you may need are below:

► Download Links:

►► If the DpfileList program shows errors later then you have to download both these updates and install them:

▷ Java Update webiste:
▷ NetFrameWork 4.5 Download:

► Other Cool CPK files :

► PES 2017 Stadiums Pack PTE 3:

► PES 2017 Change Music:

► PES 2017 Free Kick Tutorial:

►PES 2017 Fix Lag:


► My Website:

► My Facebook Page:

► PTE Team Blog website:


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► Music Credits :

1) Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release]
2) Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

* Video of Music 1:

* Video of Music 2:

▽ To follow Different Heaven

▽ To follow Warriyo

▽ To follow Laura Brehm

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40 thoughts on “[PES 2017] How to add CPK file (MLS and JL) For PTE Patch 3.0 and 3.1 (Dpfilelistgen 1.8 DLC 2)

  1. [PES 2017] How to add CPK file (MLS and JL) Latest Patch Plus real name PLEASE FIX IT THANKS IBRAHIMOVIC IN LA GALAXY NOW

  2. Takes you 2 minutes to start the tutorial. Please streamline this heaping pile of shit if you want people to watch it.

  3. hey bro one question…i have the pes 2016-reloaded..and ive installed pte 6.0 it works fine..but i want to add 2 more cpks…a face cpk for quaresma and a boot cpk by wens. and i have the tatoo pack for pte 6/0 withe the installer.will this work?i have DpFileList Generator v1.6 by Baris..

  4. Hello Del Choc, I downloaded all patches from you, great work. I just have one question. Could I add mls and j leaguecpk even after instalation of pte patch 6.0?

  5. For PTE 4 it is not working? Do I understand correctly? The PTE 4 other Latin American team converted to the Mexican League. Perhaps there is a conflict on the "ID" if you set the MLS?

  6. about PTE 4.0
    pla.cpk i dont know if i should generate them or not

    I only did this order
    The order =
    – dt80_100E_win.cpk
    – dt80_200E_win.cpk
    – ptepatch.cpk
    – ptepatch_kit.cpk
    – ptepatch_fac.cpk
    – ptepatch_ace.cpk
    – ptepatch_sta.cpk
    – ptepatch_adb.cpk
    – ptepatch_off.cpk
    – ptepatch_ref.cpk
    – ptepatch_sco.cpk
    Can you help me cause i dont know the order

  7. im adding indonesian national team to pes 2017 with pte3.1 . the game still working normally but data pack 2.0 is gone , any suggestion ?

  8. Hi,what cpk file in PTE that contains the bootpack because i want to add a different bootpack but,it doesn't work bcs i don't know wich cpk to uncheck,i tried to uncheck ptepatch.cpk and the bootpack worked but every other feature of the patch was gone.Thanks

  9. Del Chok I realy love your work
    thank you for all
    but I have photo I want to make it on start screan of my PES 17 ?
    help me please

  10. hi Del choc ,,can u make another video for paraguay and indo league. im afraid if i do any errors…please😇😇

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