The PTE Patch 2.0 is released now for PES 2017 with Full BundesLiga ! Also the PTE Patch 2.0 has EPL , La Liga and Nos Liga corrected, and many other updates and licences for clubs and national teams. this video will guide you how to Install the PES 2017 PTE Patch 2.0 on your PC, and how to turn off Live Updates for PES 2017! The links are made by the PTE Team so please support the team by only downloading from these links 🙂

►►►►► Pre-Order PES 2018 Premium Edition of Barca for 33 dollars only (limited time, prices may rise soon):

►►► New PTE Patch 6.0 for PES 2017:

► Download Links of Patch PTE 2 :

►► PES 2017 Auto Switcher v 4:

►► New Chants Pack v2 :

►► New PES 2017 Ultra Pack 402 Tattoos + 460 Faces:

►► NEW PES 2017 Free Myclub:

►► New Update PTE Patch 2.1:

►► PES 2017 Crowd Disabler:

►► PES 2017 Chants Pack for PTE Patch:

►►► For cracked version: after installing patch and before opening the game add again the crack in PES install location, then use Dpfilelist 1.8 from this link , then:

1. Run Dpfilelist program as administrator, then Choose path of download folder of PES 17 (where PES is installed).
2. Now you’ll see a list of all cpk files in download folder , click “check all”.
3. Untick dt80_200E_win.cpk and select “No DLC”.
4. Generate DpFileList, it’ll be generated in download folder of PES 17.
5. Copy new “DpFileList.bin” that you find in “download” folder of PES 17.
6. Go to “PTE” folder (under download folder) and open “Mode” then open “Offline mode” , then paste the new “dpfilelist.bin” there and replace it with old one.

* Follow this Picture for clear order of CPK files:

► HD Graphics FMODs:

► PTE Patch 2.0 Gameplay match:

► PES 2017 Free Kick Tutorial:

► To read Full Features of this Patch:

►► Buy PES 2017 for 27.89 dollars only:


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► PTE Team Blog website:

► Credits:

Konami, mota10 – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE – Sami Ze, PES Logos, RJPR, zlac, Jenkey, Fruits, -InMortal-, cRoNoSHaCk, Maritimo, 4N63L, ZAHIN, GgBlues, sortitoutsi (managers mini faces), davfanpes, Sarjono, supalids, sxsxsx, Dannythebest, Hawke, Wygno, maxi534, A.Mussoullini, Rizki Hariansyah

► Music Credits :

-1) Valcos – A New Light [NCS Release]
-2) Jim Yosef – Canary [NCS Release]

* video of Music 1:

* Video of Music 2:

* To Follow Valcos

* To Follow Jim Yosef


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21 thoughts on “[PES 2017] PTE Patch 2.0 : Download + Install on PC

  1. Bro everytime the 1.0 works fine but when i try to install the 2.0 when i open the game it says data couldn't be charged or something like that and then the game goes back to how it were before crack 1.0

  2. please I install the patch well but when I start the game I'm told
    '' data change upload failure because the data come from a different version update the data by downloading the content ''
    help me

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