48 thoughts on “PES 2017 – PTE PATCH V 3.0 – CPY – DATAPACK 2 VER. 1.03 – INSTALL TUTORIAL + FREEZE FIX

  1. bang semua tahap saya ikutin secara seksama sudah mau mulai main ternyata line up pemain nya ga ada? bantu ya bang thx

  2. I have PES 2017 CPY, and I installed the PTE 4.0 patch, it says that it's not compatible, and it's a different Data PAck. what do you think is the problem, and what should I do?

  3. ptepatch_fac.cpk : This file contains invalid data. (error 21FC)
    You will have to run this utility again to completely install PTE Patch 2017 3.0? Helppp

  4. bang,,, untuk patch 2.0 n 2.1 caranya instalnya gimna..? klo sy mau instal langsung ke patch 3.0 tanpa intal patch 2.0 bisa ndak…?

  5. nak tanya sikit..bila aku run pes fullscreen jdi putih semua..tapi sound still ada..pes ada gmbar dlm mode windowed..apa masalah ya?pls help

  6. my game is not playing its freezing on after i select the teams and start the match. game just continuing to load did everything in the video pls help.

  7. OMG its working very well!!!i have try many link to download "dt80_200E_win.cpk" and ur link is the best…nice work man

  8. I dont have Anfield stadium. Is it the case for everybody ?
    And when I installed the pack of 40 Stadium, impossible to edit Liverpool Stadium to change to Anfield.

  9. my friend i have a problem with code FDDN533. you know something about that??????? plaese help if you know something

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