This is the tutorial on how to install the latest patch PES Professionals Patch V3 2017 All in One+Fix. This is the latest patch for PES 2017 i.e. Fully licensed , new boots, gloves,balls, stadiums.
Along with graphics enhancement it has classic legends like Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane, T.Henry, Xavi, Luis Enrique , Rivaldo, Puyol and many more. A complete patch for PES 2017.

Link to download –
PES Professionals Patch V3 AIO

One Link ‘FileUpload’ :

Torrent –

– Part 1-
– Part 2
– Part 3
– Part 4
– Part 5
Google Drive

(Download) PES Professionals Patch 2017 V3.0 Fix


Other Links –
Parts ‘FileUpload’ :-
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –



If u don’t know how to generate DpfileList.bin, watch my video on how to install patches in PES 2017 –

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37 thoughts on “PES Professionals Patch V3 2017 AIO(All in One)+Fix for PES 2017| Download + Install | Tutorial | HD

  1. Hey Bro!! i have finished all the steps as you mentioned in the video.. But however when i start the game, it says "unable to download because data is from different version, please download new data"… i did exactly what you saidta" Can you please advise what needs to be done to fix this? I could see no change in the game UI or teams/kits/players after these steps. please help out.

  2. i download professional v3 aio and fix of professional patch and dp file generater do i need to download data fix when i tried to download data fix shows file is removed

  3. Does this patch change the graphics of the game somehow? Or is it the same as the original PES 17 graphics ?? PLZ DO REPLY

  4. How Can I Download those two files called ( Pes Professionals Patch 2017 v3 aio ) and ( PES Professionals Patch v3 Fix )
    Please Anyone Tell Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

  5. i followed every process …….everything went well….but after starting game with sider open too…nothing changed in the game …ca anyone help

  6. I followed the steps as instructed it works perfectly fine and it's awesome!!! All thanks to you! Now that I have PES 18, do you have any patch for the new 1 PES 18?!

  7. Lagging after installing patchs. First installed game was lag free but after installing patch its lagging. Any solution or suggestion which version of patch is lag free

  8. I had all of these professionals patches even in my pes 2016 last year v3.2,v3.3 and v3.4 is the final release i think but i formater my pc and now im looking for a aio patch without updates but should i still download the other 2 updates too to have the full patch?

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