30 thoughts on “Playing the Game (Mary Poppins)

  1. when I saw mary poppins on west end this scene was hella creepy, they had these bear costumes but they were more scary, and The nursary was flying on bricks 😂

  2. I'm doing Mary Poppins 4 my school play and I got Mary.
    This was sooooo helpful.
    Thank You so much.
    P.S. Your Amazing.

  3. we just finished closing night at our school and this scene scared the shit out of the grade school as they watched it. we had a girl in a baby doll costume who would walk dragging her legs and a guy as a jack in the box who would have to pop up every five steps. it was amazing thougj

  4. i've seen this in a production with eighty toys in the ensemble and i think i like this better. all of the singers were phenomenal in this version as well and the choreography was sharp. excellent job

  5. My school is doing Mary Poppins this year. I run the spotlight, so I've seen it numerous times, and I like to see the differences between the different productions.

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