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Pro Coach DEMOLISHES Immortal Shadow Fiend: Tips to AVOID A THROW | Dota 2 Mid Guide

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In this Dota 2 midlane guide, pro coach Speeed DEMOLISHES the gameplay of an Immortal rank Shadow Fiend, pointing out good plays and mistakes made that ultimately cause a winnable game to turn bad! This mid guide demonstrates that even high skill-tier players can improve their play drastically in some areas! Use these simple tips to throw less games, secure more wins and boost your gold farm from the middle lane to carry more!

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  1. GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides

    In this coaching guide, Speeed breaksdown the good and not-so-good moments from an Immortal Shadow Fiend game submitted via our Discord!

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    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. Grzegorz Zimnoch

    I have to disagree with 9:43 that he has no camp because we did it to early. He can also nuke next wave, go triangle, double stack there and take a shrine, and this would be the best play there. Am I wrong ?

  3. SSKionel

    Would have loved if you had picked a nice game of shadow fiend and taught skills above the level.But,criticism! Criticism! With breaths of tips. Review of this video coming up soon with actual coaching on growing skills for shadow fiend.FOR REAL.Come back and check my page out after 20 days.

  4. tallmanT14

    When my early laning farm is ruin by enemy i follow your every instruction. When my farm is good early with help from good support i play like this Shadow fiend.

  5. Kerem Karaoglu

    mistake 1 is not learning raze level 1. You bought 2 mangos then learned your passive. This is auto loss for your lane. Even with a missed block you can still get all the cs with razes and force the DP to use her regen. Fly more mangos and keep doing that and you will win normally unwinnable lanes

  6. nomercy8989

    I don't know much about the MMR system but if this is the highest trier you can reach the whole system is a complete failure.

  7. eric g

    he says supports should go farm open waves, I'm at 2800 mmr and if you're a support caught farming an open wave your whole team will report you lol

  8. Brett Nixon

    I think 5 cores works in solo q easy because exactly what your saying no one farms and executes early game starts and just wobbles around eventually the team with 5 cores will stumble into enough creeps and then stumble into the ancient.

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