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In this Dota 2 guide, pro coach Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 most widespread falsehoods, fallacies and MYTHS EVERYONE BELIEVES! Take on these simple tips and gameplay rules to broaden your mind to the truth of how Dota is in actuality! It’s myth-busting time with Speeed; time to quash some top common mistakes.
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43 thoughts on “Pro Coach DESTROYS 8 Dota Myths EVERYONE Believes – Tips and Mistakes you MUST KNOW | Dota 2 Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed covers his picks for the top 8 FALLACIES, guidelines and misconceptions that many Dota players take as oppressive truths!

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  2. I never had an encounter where "Mid needs to gank". Not even in low ranks. Its more of a "Ganking hero needs to gank". For example, if you're playing Monkey King, your teammate will ask a gank either because theyre struggling in lane or he just want you to have a kill since you need gank kills. Maybe this just occurs on servers where League of Legends is popular, because that's where the idea came from. DotA however is a more complex game so i dont knoewwhy people with DotA level IQ thinks that way.

  3. Won a game today after the enemy team was winning and got agis, they dived real deep after going high ground, they all died. We cleaned up their base and they fed one by one as they repawned trying to defend.

    Pos 5's are not the only ones that are supposed to buy wards. I can't even count how many games even my offlane 4 support flames me for not warding their lane…. Uhh wut.
    They ping "we need wards"… I let them know, look at bot lane.. We've got an aggro lane and I still have river and bit warded? "yeah but we have no wards top!"
    It's like they don't hear themselves. It's the pos5's fault for not warding their lane. Huh.

  5. Awesome explanation!! These guides helped me a lot. thank you so much!!

    Mistakes we made:

    1. 0:46 Undyng Pos 4?

    2. 1:44 Mid come gank!

    3. 2:46 Don't farm as a Support.

    4. 3:42 Small items are not worth it
    5. 4:52 Carries cant' pull/Carries don't buy sentries
    6. 6:09 Tp to every fight.
    7. 7:35 Ursa and Monkey OP level 1?
    8. 8:45 Aegis = High Ground.

  6. 2k in SEA: mid voker has to gank sidelanes at level 5 with nuclear combo

    Also 2k in SEA: farm neutrals even if the world ends

  7. now i know where all this IDIOTS come from who FARM AS POS 5
    Ofc if the carry farms woods an a lane is empty the pos 5 can go there and push it BUT INSTANTLY GO AWAY AFTER IT AND go ward / help a core.
    Fucking idiots in pubs all think they should farm and you tell even the pos that should farm BY FAR THE LEAST to farm. Do you even understand how lowskilled this communism economy is?

  8. But I still can't believe the fact that if you're in a legend or ancient bracket 90% of the time they're so proud of their ranks that they feed or blame as a core/semi/mid laner
    They also play shit as fuck they don't even cooperate with you.

  9. when i cry as a support because my carries are afk jungle, is because i cannot farm that safely the lanes, so no one takes them
    in lower mmr, showing on the map, means immediate focus of the enemy to kill you
    and no, you cannot use that in your advantage, not as a support with no teamwork from the cores to trap the enemies, or set up dights
    and no, you cannot profit from that farm, because supports dont have farming mechanics, nor escape mecanisms, thats what make carries to be carries…

    I also lacked talking about jungle in this video
    pros dont go jungle because they coordinate themselves, but when the picks in both teams are mid-to-late game, a Enigma jungle pick is awesome, considering it comes with huge pressure, map control, and teamfight potential, before even the laning stage ends (min 8-10)

  10. 5:58 so true. I hate carries who always ask wards even though they somuch gold and supports don't have gold to buy yet

  11. fun memories when playing support . there is one time i just going to get 1 wave creeps to buy ward and the teammate on my lane was so rage like i just steal all his gold lol , so i was just like okay just take it then some minute later he die and somefuckinghow he could say "where is the ward !!!" and i just like "of course on the shop are you thinking that the ward are free you cunt " lop its so funny to remember .

  12. apart from the Ursa/MK thing, I try to tell that points to my friends soooo many times and they don't get it. Thank you for you video, maybe now they understand if someone like you is telling them.

  13. Once again I appreciate your insights but these are just opinions and isn't necessarily to be followed. Especially with the undying one.

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