31 thoughts on “Ps1 game: Mission Impossible-3

  1. I remember getting and playing this game when I was 8 back in 98; when it first came out on the N64, and it was, and still is one of my favorite games. It is interesting how on the PS1 one version though; the theme music for this level is the theme music for the train car level on the N64 version, but still a great game! Good times and good memories!

  2. 2019 and I'm still playing this game on my ps1. I was a child when this came out and it was my world, I played the demo that was all I had. IL never forget that mission "I'm fred and I'm looking for my dog"

    I'm 30 now and own the full game, and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it

  3. Every times I think about this game I can't help but think it was quite amazing for its time..!
    Now with this video, I even notice the musics were good !

  4. Funny thing I still sometimes says "Fruit Punch" in that same tone! omg and I've totally forgot where it came from but I played the shit outta this when I was like 11 or 12yrs LOL

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