Played by: MadMatty

PlayStation version of the game Mission Impossible played on Impossible difficulty. Its another mixed resolution game so you may want to aspect correct the video to 16:9 to view gameplay in a more pleasing tv aspect.

I did not find much fun in this game. The controls are light and fast making it difficult to aim. A light button press sends the crosshair flying in whichever direction was pressed. Headshots are not at all easy to line up and can take a few goes to find the right spot which isn’t even always a direct hit :S

The end of the game was quite annoying as the enemies stopped dropping their weapons making it difficult to to kill the guards in my way and have enough ammo to get through the whole level. On the final snow level, I am sure when the helicopter explodes it should have taken out the guards around it. That was incredibly challenging having to kill those guards and the jeep before it leaves the compound. I couldn’t kill them before making the deal as that would have disrupted the disguise.

The game felt quite buggy in places with the enemy doing random things. The train level had a bug where if the train went in the tunnel before you get to phelps, the train just kept going with no new enemies to kill, I had to restart that. On one of the earlier levels when trying to leave the embacy, the enemies were running around trying to kill me even though I was disguised before entering the level, they had no reason to be after me. Anyway, onto the level start times:-

00:00:00 Intro and Mission 1: Ice Hit
00:13:45 Mission 2: Recover NOC List
00:57:16 Mission 3: CIA Escape
01:23:30 Mission 4: Mole Hunt
01:43:20 Mission 5: Ice Storm
02:18:55 Extra developer greetz (Pause video to read, it went as slow as game would allow scrolling) Followed by a couple of mission fail videos.


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27 thoughts on “PSX Longplay [420] Mission Impossible

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    A Playtales Animation Studios GAPC Entertainment & MGM Productions

    A Jeff Barnacles Film






  2. Hi World of Longplays

    , I've been trying all this time to play this game with the emulator but when I select the mode, the game just doesn't start, What can I do??? I really want to play it again

  3. I regret never finished this game hehe 🙁 it was a lot of fun, also, I have the version with spanish voices so I was able to understand the dialogues 😀

  4. It's been a long, long time since I played this. I liked it back then, but looking at it now….Yeah, it's not aged well. Dialog is horrible, takes way too much liberties with the source material, and controls and gunplay is pretty bad.

  5. I remember that game from demo disc… After years I see that voice acting is much worse than the one in Sega CD/Mega CD version of Prince of Persia.
    17:53 Heh. Portrait of Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz. Interesting. 🙂

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