To setup a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online and then a 50%

UPDATED (June 2020) Video:

QuickBooks Advanced Navigation Tutorial:

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To setup a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online and then a 50%


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18 thoughts on “QuickBooks Online: Banking Transactions (Advanced Tutorial)

  1. Hey very informative. But I have a questions if you download the bank account into QuickBooks do you still enter your deposit from undeposited funds.

  2. How would you record a single bank feed transaction from/to a vendor that reflects the months expenses and income/sales

  3. Hi Hector, thanks so much for taking the time to teach differect concepts. I was wondering if I can change the end date of a reconcilliation done back in March 2020 without having to undo all the rest of the months reconcilliation? I accidently put the year 2021 instead of 2020.

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  5. Hi Hector
    Great video
    I have question, hope you can help
    Why when I do a manual upload CSV file
    I get the transactions duplicated 5 times

  6. Hey Hector thanks for this deep dive, it's extremely helpful. Couple of credit card specific questions: How do you handle/classify credit card annual fees? Under bank fees or something else? Also what about credit card cash back? Is that under "other income" or "interest received" or owner equity or something else? I also have some situations where a business card sent me a check for cash back that I then deposited to my business bank. Ugh.

  7. Hi hector! Thank you for this. How to record a loan payment for PAYPAL BUSINESS Loan? Is it recorded in P&L or Balance sheet?

  8. Hi Hector. I enjoy how clear your videos are. Can you share information on how to record SCORP SEP IRA employer contributions into QBO.

  9. For your chart of account numbers is there a reason you use high numbers? For example you have expense at 60000. I know some people use just 600. Personal preference?

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