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4 thoughts on “QuickBooks Online Tutorial: Bank Rules

  1. Thank you so much Hector!! You are converting me from a dedicated non-user of bank feeds to a considered user and are also making me a possible convert from QBD to QBO. I love your presentatons.

  2. Hi Hector, thank you for the video. It was really helpful. I have 2 questions. Why did you say do not add memo? Also I have been using projects in quickbooks. I work in real estate – managing property. In the UK we have one water supplier that supplies 3 different properties. So I use the account number in the bank detail to allocate to each property project + also create a memo based on the bank detail e.g. Unit 1- for Water account 0001, as I have not found a way to use rules to allocate an expense to a project? So the rule highlights a transaction in "for review" section – I then have to manually allocate each transaction to a project – however I am prompted by the rule memo that I have setup to say – this water account is for Unit 1 etc. I hope that makes sense?

  3. Hi Hector,

    I am paying myself $xxxx.xx per week but splitting the payment across 3 bank accounts. It shows in the Chart of accounts as a single payment of $xxxx.xx

    When the bank feed imports the data, it shows
    $xxx.xx – acc 01
    $xxx.xx – acc 02
    $xxx.xx – acc 03

    Is there a way of matching these to the $xxxx.xx or do you just highlight them and 'exclude'

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