49 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer #2

  1. In second part of this video there is music that resembles so much to the “disaster” music. Anyone knows what the name is if i can find it?

  2. There are a couple things that should’ve been improved upon, like honor and gang money. You don’t need to donate to the gang at all. Maybe they could’ve made it so you can’t progress the story if you don’t have a certain upgrade, or money is running low. Also, money should gradually go down. The honor system also should be improved upon. You can be the biggest degenerate scum and nothing happens. Maybe, like in the first red dead, some stores are closed off if your honor is low. Or maybe they could’ve brought back fame. If you kill someone and don’t get caught, your honor goes down but you don’t gain infamy cause no one is around to see it. This changes the way the world reacts to you. Also, there are some things they left out entirely, like paying witnesses, and surrendering to lawmen. This may sound like I’m not a fan but this is my favorite game, ever. I’ve spent 350 hours in it

  3. Would have ben better if rockstar sayed nothing about this game and continued for 2 more years and made it even better and more realistic. I dont even want to know the cut features that didnt made it in to the game……

  4. This games an 8, world still feels static, coulda used more rpg elements, rockstar could learn quite a lot from New Vegas. Really wish this game had meaningful choices.

  5. Where is the scene from 1:42 (shooting that sheriff dead)? Can't remember it from the game… any help is appreciated 🙂

  6. I just realized the dead eye white glare on this trailer goes straight and is small but actually gameplay has it bigger and "ricochets" on screen.

  7. You know you’ve been playing too much when you kill a farmer and his dog, throw them both in the fire 🔥 outside, sleep in his bed (after looting his house) and then you stab one of his goats the next morning after waking up

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