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RIP FPS [No Cooldown Nature's Prophet Abuse] Bad Juju + Arcane Rune | Dota 2 Ability Draft

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● Important: This video is not my own gameplay!!!

Submitted by: SaberAlter

Message: “Prophet + Bad Juju + Arcane = 0 CD, Bad Juju + Wild Axes = Super Infinite Axes”


No Cooldown Drow Ranger [WTF mode ON]

Infinite Zeus Ulti [VALVe PLEASE FIX IT]

One Swashbuckle = One Hundred Moon Glaives

No Cooldown Nimbus! New Imbalanced Combo

One Man Army “Passive Tank” 71 Armor 4k HP

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● Music:
Hold On a Minute – Silent Partner
ES_Warped Energy 2 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Voices Of War 1 – Jon Bjork
ES_Victory And Honor 1 – Rannar Sillard
ES_Warped Energy 1 – Johannes Bornlof

● What is Ability Draft?

Ability draft is one of Dota’s alternate game modes. Players are given a random hero from Ability-Draft enabled heroes. Each players abilities are put into a pool.

You will be given some time to look over the abilities and heroes, and then you get to go in turn (5 seconds per ability, which is incredibly short, so if you’re not prepared, you will time out and get a random ability) picking which abilities you want for your hero.

The ability pool will be from the heroes being played, plus 2 heroes not being played. This means there will be (10 + 2) * 4 = 48 abilities in the pool. Since there are only 10 players, there will be exactly 8 (2 heroes’ worth) of skills not picked up at the end of the draft after everyone has picked.

Ability Draft isn’t for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be frustrated when other team will be full of broken and overpowered heroes. But it’s a fun change from regular pub games, and it can help you improve at Dota. Have fun!

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  1. FinalWill

    1. Weaver takes WK lifesteal passive(only works on meele units, meaning its ussles for him)
    2. Bristeback taking his ult with only 1 active skill, that has a relatively long cooldown, atleast for that skill.
    3. Lesh going shadow walk+invis, the most retarded combination.
    1k MMR confirmed

  2. Sylphian

    PA got some nice combo though, with desolator, silver edge, daedalus, bf, or even rapier with multi-dagger talent would insta kill pretty much everyone with 1 button

  3. warrax111

    Imo cooldown reductions should be somehow disabled in ability draft, they just make stupid overpowered builds. Bad juju should be for sure banned.

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