NEW MAP: SAVAGE! Free KEYS Below. 2018: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW about the new Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds map called SAVAGE!

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The limited test of Savage will be live from April 2 at 7:00 pm Pacific to April 5 at 4:00 am Pacific.

Savage is still early in development. We want the PUBG community to be part of the process with us and giving access to the map at this early stage allows us to use feedback we receive to shape Savage as we continue working on it.

To redeem, enter the key into Steam. You will get a new game instance of PUBG that you can play starting April 2nd.

All keys redeemed!

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31 thoughts on “SAVAGE – Battlegrounds NEW MAP – Everything you need to know! + 10 FREE Key Giveaway

  1. Foliage low is a must and view distance low is a must if an enemy is hiding in the grass or in a bush in the distance it will literally be invisible to you if you have foliage to high… set it on low and it will look like he is standing ass naked in the open. Try it out

  2. Yea, its soo much fun if there is a m416 and a kar98 in every freaking room. Also a level 3 helmet & vest? I wanted this mode to be filled with action since its just 1/4 of the other maps but my dreams have been shatterd. Its just like the other maps. Action in early game and in the end game. The midgame is just as boring as the other maps are…

  3. It sucks that all the codes are used, but this is still a great video nonetheless! Thanks for always keeping me informed Fog!

  4. I really like this new map. It gives me a lot of Operation Flashpoint/Bad Company 2 vibes. Also it's not Miramar, and any map that isn't that dumpster fire is a huge plus.

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