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In this video I breakdown the $700 Million Seth Klarman just invested into Facebook and Alphabet (Google). Klarman is a billionaire investor, the CEO of Baupost Group, and has generated a 19% compounded return since its inception in 1983.

Recently the 13F filings were released which allows us to gain insight on the investments made by fund managers during Q1 of 2020.

In this video I cover:
▶︎ How to read a 13F
▶︎ Seth Klarman’s average price for GOOGL and FB
▶︎ Why Klarman invested in these companies
▶︎ My bullish thesis on Facebook as a long-term investment

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34 thoughts on “Seth Klarman Just Invested $700M In Google & Facebook Here’s Why

  1. Hello hamish , I love your videos and your explanation style, would love it if you would launch a video focusing on Micro and small caps

  2. Hello,

    I have been following your Youtube Channel and learning a lot, thanks for the great video's.

    I was wondering if I could get your opinion on this website which analyses stocks for you:


    They do explain how they get to their intrinsic value as stated on their website:


    Would love to hear your views on this analysis.

  3. My concern with these tech stocks is regulation. Anti trust.. Rules will be introduce to slow down these tech stocks for sure in future.. Im sure they can handle fines, but what concerns me is further regulations will slow growth for these organisations

  4. I have a request, kindly remove the background music. It's annoying. I see your videos to gain knowledge not for entertainment. Imagine sitting in a classroom & listening to the professor – will there be background noise – nope. So just take this as feedback

  5. When I look at Facebook, I see a huge moat, so many people complain about so many aspects of it, yet still use it every day. When I look across their outstanding balance sheet, ROIC, management (great acquisitions in messenger and insta etc), I thought it made for a decent investment pre covid.
    Now covid has sent the network space in to over drive and I think they have a much better chance at taking slices of business from zoom, amazon, ebay etc than the other way around. You can see how facebook shops could be a better option than some facets of amazon and in particular ebay, but personally I can't see a world where amazon could (or would even bother) trying to create a social networking platform that would do anything to facebook. It's my second biggest position.

  6. They got them at such an amazing price wow! Howard Marks has predicted another market crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsGCVgjkY-c&t=63s Hopefully that will give us another buying opportunity! 😅

  7. I he is a devoted student of benjamin graham and david dodd. And a typical cigar butt invester difrerente from warren buffet which is leaning more towards growth stocks

  8. Sir imagine a company earns profit of 1 million on paper but the buyer didn't paid 10k and become bad debt so my question is how to understand the difference between the company getting the profit on paper and profit in actual

  9. I think that Alphabet's exposure to cloud computing and its percieved lower risk of facing political headwinds is why it enjoys a highher premium than Facebook.

  10. Hamish, how did you get the TTM FCF $28B? I only get $23B=$38B(FCF) – $14.8B(CAPEX)? This make a huge difference in the spreadsheet fair value calculation. Did you use only maintenance CAPEX? thanks!

  11. Recently bought into FB at $149 after the late drop in the price.
    Very happy, only a $3 difference from its bottom during the dip

  12. Awesome video Hamish, however the horse has already bolted for these companies during March. If I buy $134 what will my return be ?

  13. You sound like a robot for the first part of the video? Are you reading the content?
    Also the background music… Umm No!
    Otherwise FB and Google are a 👍

  14. Great content Hamish. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in a way that is easy to understand. I look forward to more of your videos.

  15. When you are calculating intrinsic value are you expecting fb to trade at the outrageously high pe ratio in the future?
    Is it possible that their peak roc of 28% in 2019 is due to an overall boom instead of better investment decisions?
    Shouldn't we expect a decline in advertising spending in 2020 with covid 19, an expected recession and many small businesses going bankrupt or cutting their advertising budgets?


  16. Facebook is going to rock it for a few years!! , fb is the sleepy giant of the tech stock! Just look at their balance sheet… one of the best in the U.S

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