Get notified about my upcoming Instagram clone course! – Welcome to a new series! In part #1, we’ll get setup and display some temporary data into a FlatList. The FULL series is available RIGHT NOW:

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💾Source Code

Part #1 – Setting up and Displaying Lists //
Part #2 – Modal for Adding Lists + Color Picker //
Part #3 – Passing Props to the Todo Modal //
Part #4 – Updating State + Adding/Creating Tasks //
Part #5 – Connecting with Firebase Cloud Firestore //
Part #6 – Swipeable Gesture Handlers //

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💾Source Code

Software Used:
VSCode, React Native, Expo

#reactnative #reactnativeui #reactfirebase


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28 thoughts on “Setting Up and Displaying Lists // React Native & Firebase Todo App // Part #1

  1. I have a course coming out on building an Instagram clone from scratch using React Native & Firebase, make sure you sign up to get discounts, release date info and sample chapters!

  2. Man, I really love this no-commentary, speed code type tutorials. Really helps, to freshen up some react native knowledge.

  3. Thanks for the course. I am starting with React Native. I dont know why I need to use [] brackets into View style

  4. whern i create someting like your tempData.js and importing it 6:05 – 8:26 i get ReferenceError: tempData not defined any idea why?

  5. I've got eror when coding from your tutorial. Please, help me

    ReferenceError: colors is not defined



    1 | export default colors = {

    2 | white: "#ffffff",

    3 | black: "#2d3436",

    4 | blue: "#24a6d9",

    View compiled

  6. 95/5000

    Friend, how are you, with a query I get this error when creating Colors and tempData and importing them

    ReferenceError: tempData is not defined






    C:/Users/Jaime Sazo/Desktop/ReactApp/YTTodoApp/App.js:17

    14 | </Text>

    15 | <View style={styles.divider}/>

    16 | </View>

    > 17 | <View style={{marginVertical:48}}>

    | ^ 18 | <TouchableOpacity style={styles.addList}>

    19 | <AntDesign name="plus" size={16} color="#24A6D9" />

    20 | </TouchableOpacity>

    View compiled






    C:/Users/Jaime Sazo/Desktop/ReactApp/YTTodoApp/App.js:17

  7. Sir.. your videos are very helpful..i was waiting for SocialApp Balance parts..I've few doubts..can i contact u ?

  8. Come chat with us on Discord!

    Im back! Got lots of new videos coming out. If you'd like to watch the FULL series (6 parts) RIGHT NOW, it is available along with complete source code on my Patreon,, otherwise there will be a new video in this series every Saturday!

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