Teen pregnancy in Sims Freeplay. Alyssa is 14 years old, starting a new year in school. When a new boy, Kyle started school they instantly hit it off, spending all their time together.
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32 thoughts on “Sims Freeplay | 14 and Pregnant | Teen Pregnancy Story #2

  1. When is part 3 coming
    I’ve been waiting since September 2018!!!
    Now it’s July 2019


  2. You have to be 250 vip or over to get a teenage sim pregnant becauseall the actions and things that she is using is for teenage sims soo

  3. i am so MAD right now at simsfreeplay i missed two sims Course And have 12 waiting one of thwm is to Age up my babies but i have too wait now have no money Ughh

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