Join me everyday leading up to Christmas for the Sims Freeplay Christmas Advent Hints, Tips and Tutorials where each day I will answer a question about Sims Freeplay.
Today we look at marriage. How 2 Sims get engaged and married.

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46 thoughts on “Sims Freeplay | How to get 2 Sims married

  1. The best ring to get married with and most affordable is the mood ring, it’s cheap and it only takes 2 or 3 times for the person to say yes, never use the vending machine ring because the person will always say no

  2. Last I played I gave my mom her last name and my dad last name so they were to different surnames well when they got married my dad had my moms last name nd not his so when my mom had me I was forced to have her last name do u no if they fixed tht

  3. So I haven’t got my sims married yet but I did have a couple/partnership, that lived together, have a baby.
    Do you need to buy the wedding arbor to complete the marriage?

  4. For no reason my two sims can't reach the after "best friends" ..i tried so much to make them speaks to each other's but there's nothing happening.. What shall i doooo???

  5. How do you get the love in the air quest I am on level 27 and people get them when they are on level 7 or something like that PLZZ help I want to get the love in the air quest

  6. Me it does not let make the possibility of being romantic i have been level 14 and it impresses me love is in the quest compiete what am i supposed to do? I'm only now with good friends. I'd love you to tell me what to do

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