The Sims FreePlay All Mezzed Up Quest arrives April 2 or 3, 2018 depending on your time zone and unlocks the ability to build mezzanines (lofts or indoor balconies). EARLY ACCESS TO BETA PROVIDED BY EA / FIREMONKEYS. These two Sims FreePlay tiny homes are inspired by the “tiny house movement” in order to show some of the things we can do with Sims FreePlay lofts and mezzanines!

►For a walkthrough of the Sims FreePlay mezzanine quest:

►For a tutorial on creating Sims FreePlay mezzanines:

►For tips on how to get Sims FreePlay LPs (lifestyle points) and simoleons, we walk through our recommended methods here:

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“Redwood Trails”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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44 thoughts on “Sims FreePlay – Tiny Loft Houses (Early Access)

  1. I loooooveeeee these builds probably more than i should but anyway, i was wondering if you guys could make a video on which are the best combination roofs and walls cuz I'm struggling!

  2. I've just recreated these two tiny houses, but in the house on the side I can't build the mezzanine. In the house on the front I could build the mezzanine so why in the house on the side I couldn't? Please answer 🙏

  3. I was inspired you build 4 tiny homes from you guys and youtube. I have y'all on Facebook if you want to visit my town on the mysterious island lol

  4. Hey guys i love your videos and i appreciate your efforts! But can i ask an unrelated question? If i save my data on the game and delete the app and reinstall it on the same devise ,can i retreat my progress?

  5. I love you guys I've learned so much about house design.. I just competed my tiny house last night and I loved it. 😘😍

  6. Hello there. This build is such an eye candy for me. as an avid fan of tiny homes and a big watcher of tiny home shows like tiny house nation, tiny house hunting and tiny house world, this build place a big space in my heart. yeah you're right about the height aspect of tiny home, they have a distinct measurement on how high a tiny home can be so that when its carried by a truck, the roof wont hit the bridge or electric cable, stuff like that. i really love this build.

  7. Wait I have a question?
    So if I’m barely doing the Preteens quest on the sims freeplay, i won’t be able to do this quest when it comes out?

  8. Loved it. I have been obsessed with tiny houses the last couple of months, and seen so many of them on youtube! You really did a great job here. Thanx.

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