48 thoughts on “Skill Level of Ember Spirit at 3 Different Ranks – Replay Analysis

  1. What shitshow region is this? Where a Legend rank player is playing like a Gaurdian player in my region (SEA server).
    Is this NA? Im sure it is NA. The worst fucking place for dota omfg. Even tho sea has a bad reputation, most people will agree that even though there is bad communication and toxicity, the technical skill is at the very least present. You wont bang your head against a wall trying to figure out why a sandking has a treads and a ember is using all his remenants on 1 hero at a tier 3 at 15 mins into the game. My god is NA the worst.

  2. U just critise the player while i think it would be a-lot better if you tell what the player should do in that situation. Ie: what the ember sould do vs kunkka match up, how he should rotate mid game to catch up or sth. We already know that its a unfavourable match up for kk. Kk is also more straightforward in game so he has more impact imo

  3. Very cool video. It would be cool if we saw the same lane match-up across the brackets. I would want to know what immortal ember would actually do to dodge Kunnka harass and avoid being pushed out.

  4. Do Archon / Ancient / Immortal – only because looking at herald-guardian doesn't teach you anything but highlight mistakes, the MMR split is 2 medals as well

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