hello guys today I will tell you how to get rid of laaaaag in slither.io
it is so easy ok so you guys just need to follow me.So i turned off the extension and i will play
you guys can see how it is so lagggggy.
This is our topic for today to know how to get rid of slither.io lag so lets get started.
1 .go to chrome webstore
2.search for an extension called browsec
3.choose this one the blue one
4. add to chrome so i already added it
5. go to slither.io
6.click on the extension up
7. click protect me if you are in usa or in any of the free vpn countries eg: if you are living in usa you can change the
vpn server to netherlands
but if you want premium country servers you need to buy then.
as you can see it is so better than before you can reverse the video to make sure that it is better now
So thank you guys this was our lesson for today so easy and useful hope you guys like it share it and subscribe
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50 thoughts on “Slither.io LAG!! fix so easy tutorial

  1. go —–> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?hl-en and search "Slither.io" and add all slither.io mod

  2. Damn dude, you spend the first 2:40 seconds just typing what your title of the upload already is. Hey every one, just skip to 2:40 seconds to this video, and then watch him type 25 WPM telling you exactly what every one else has said regarding lag. Advice: Pre-type your instructions…copy and paste….

  3. it works thnx and i wanna tell you something to edit videos like a pro you must use videoscribe for writing/sonyvegaspro14 for editing,for recording games fraps or d3dgear and for tutorials you must use microft expression encoder pro make that all of them you download must be crackes and again thnx very much

  4. this is only for slither.io? or it works for other games, like clustertrack ? im from Cyprus and it doesnt work dont know why..

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