Dota 2 Pro 60 FPS – SumaiL (Evil Geniuses) Play Storm Spirit Midlane | Ranked Match | Full Game | Full Match
20 Kills | 0 Deaths | 6 Assists
Items: Desolator – Orchid Malevolence – Power Treads – Eul’s Scepter of Divinity – Yasha – Bloodstone
Match ID: 1323314894
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Syed “SumaiL” Sumail Hassan is a 15 years old professional Pakistan Dota 2 player that currently play carry role for Evil Geniuses
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24 thoughts on “SumaiL (EG) – Storm Spirit Pro Gameplay | 20-0 | Mid MMR [Dota 2 Pro] #2

  1. 8:45 How did he know Axe was there? And he got there at the right moment too destroying his tranquil boots while he was using his bottle. You I know, he saw an enemy in the dire jungle on the minimap. However, how did that enemy become visible on the minimap in the first place?

  2. i played storm spirit once and i got bloodstone and octarine and orchid
    i got 52 mana regeration per second ._.
    my enemies threatened to report me because i had the highest mana regen

  3. Парни, если вас не затруднит, оцените первый видос на канале по Dota 2, просто поставьте лайк или дизлайк, буду благодарен!

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