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SUMIYA Intense Fight vs 800 Games PL Spammer | Sumiya Invoker Stream Moment #1125
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I will try my best to translate the voice chat.
Sumiya, 1 of the Best Invoker in the World
Road to China Ranked Top 10
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49 thoughts on “SUMIYA Intense Fight vs 800 Games PL Spammer | Sumiya Invoker Stream Moment #1125

  1. 20:16 killing sf then forcing him bb
    21:18 sf died again no bb.
    21:32 21:47 pudge still wants to 3v5. Pl helping pudge but died so quick like a paper. 2 fights changing the game 👍

  2. I have more games with pl, but I am not inmortal, big difference. Even that, I can say that he could do more after the mid game… I don't see the doppelganger juke either :/ and how he used manta style, it wasn't properly

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