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In this Dota 2 guide, pro coach Speeed covers the gameplay of Yapzor from TI9 and shares all the tips and tricks YOU NEED to dominate your games SUPPORT INVOKER. Crush your ranked games by following the flow of the new meta, sure to trickle down from TI9!
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35 thoughts on “Support Invoker is INSANE!? Yapzor BROKE the META – Pro Tips and Tricks | Dota 2 Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed studies the gameplay of Yapzor on the meta-breaking support Invoker! Try it yourself! …Or just mid-or-feed. Either works!

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  2. I play Invo offline supp since like a year ago. This is nothing new. Everyone familiar with the hero knows how many disables and lockdowns Invo has. TI9 just made this role popular but it's an old meta

  3. I watch is quite easy they just turn the meta. Infact they try to aim yoi during the team fight it makes the advantage for your team have a opening to win.

  4. thanks alot dude, now i have to see not only support miranas rushing aghs, pudges buying only 2 wards whole game, or stupid techies beeing totally useless for the whole game as a position 4, no… now i will also see useless invokers as a "support". thank you so much speeed 😉

  5. I've tried sup invoke… Though I think the best is to break bassi into urn and spirit vessel and later u make other component into a meteor hammer.
    Bassi is awesome but after laning it kinda falls

  6. Stop copying Pro into Pub without training. I agree with Invoker support, but I am seeing a surge of noob pos 4 and 5 Invoker who don’t do anything until 15 minutes in the game.

  7. I remember one of your videos ( top 10 cores that can be played as a support) you mentioned invoker support as a joke, now you made a video about how to play support invoker.

  8. I've been playing invoker support since 2015
    I did mid lich, dazzle, pugna, rubick sincr 2014
    This thing aint new

    Even ogre with battle fury

  9. I've done hard support role with carry heroes like legion commander, Riki, bounty hunter and etc. It's just that you need to play your role and work with the team

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