I have bought a T-MAX 12V Air Compressor – The 45amp, 150PSI version (BA2663) for my Defender step project. The Model No. 180660.
There are a few accessories included which are 8m (Not 10m as stated in the video, sorry!) of hose and a few airbed/ball adaptors. None of these I will be using. The plan is to permanently install this compressor under the passenger seat in the Defender to provide an air supply to a small air reservoir for the air actuators for both steps. I don’t think the actuators are too heavy on the air and the reservoir will act as a buffer. More on this in a later video. Back to the review…..

The compressor (T-Max) came well packed from an eBay supplier and the manufacturer supplied it in a strong box and polystyrene shell. All the contents arrived in an excellent condition. Opening the box and removing the top poly layer revealed a nylon zipped bag containing the T-Max. This would be handy if you wanted to keep all the bits and piece together in your car. Unzipping it exposed the compressor unit.

At first look it appears to be a well-made item. It has a good weight to it which often means quality, not always though. The T-max sits on a pressed steel tray, isolated by 4 rubber mounts. On the underside of the tray are another 4 rubber feet. This will certainly mitigate some of the vibrations produced by the compressor. I did a bit of prodding and poking of the compressor and I must say it has got my seal of approval so far. Now to the limited test.

I deflated an 18” Defender tyre to 10PSI. Having clipped the T-Max power cable to the truck battery I fired it up on the tyre and found it took less than 90 seconds to restore it to the normal 32PSI I use. I was very impressed and I also observed the T-Max barely got warm although it was a short test. The current drawn on load was a tad over 43amps. It states in the manual that you should run the engine in the vehicle when using the T-max. This is something I would agree with. The croc clips remained cold when on the battery which shows they do grip very well.

As stated earlier I bought this for my step project but I think I will also be using it as required to pump up tyres as and when needed as soon as I add an addition port to it. Keep a look out for future videos as I’m sure this will feature in them.

Link to eBay seller from whom I bought the compressor at the cost around £98 delivered. It will cost more from everyone else, believe me, I’ve looked! :

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5 thoughts on “T-Max 180660 BA2663 air compressor review and future ideas

  1. I have had one of these compressors for about 8 years, and a few years ago a seal failed on it, and it would not inflate passed 25psi.

    So I left it.

    I returned to it last night and took it apart. The fins you see on the side of the cylinder, they are plastic. So totally useless thermally. Just for show.

    The head is cast steel,
    and the cylinder is mild steel,
    and the crankshaft chamber is cast steel.

    The major failing really is the plastic cooling fins. I plan to fabricate fins for mine, using aluminium sheet.

    The cylinder wall is 65mm in diameter so I bought a 65mm holesaw, to cut suitable holes in a sheet of aluminium.
    In retrospect a 64mm holesaw might have been better, and then file it out to size, that way I hope to get a tight fit.

    What else

    – it does not seem like there is a rebuild kit available for this model.

    An O-ring failed in mine, so that's easy enough to find, but the rubber gasket in the head looks like it might be a problem to buy.

    A Viair, in contrast, is totally serviceable.
    You can buy a new head, you can buy a new piston, you can get gaskets, its all meant to be serviced and to go on forever.

    Also, the cylinder on a Viair is aluminium and has cooling fins, it is one solid block# of aluminium.

    So that's it. You live, you learn.

  2. Hi Mike, Did you ever make a video of how you installed it under the seat. I'm trying to do the same but don't know if I can put a pressure switch on it without an air receiver. Cheers.

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for the review. I've bought one and would love to know how you converted it to PCL? Can you recommend how best to do this?

  4. Thank You for this review! It was very useful for me. I'm searching a portable compressor for my LR Discovery 1. I've the stock tyre size, which is 205/80-R16, and my expectation is to get this size of tyre from 1.5 Bar (22 Psi) to 2.2 Bar (32 Psi). What is Your opinion, how much time is needed for this compressor to do this job? Thank You for Your answer!

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